Three really useful windows 10 shortcuts

Posted: 13/09/2017 14:00:00 by Rob Williams

If you're like me, you probably have a 101 things to get done in a day.  Being efficient with how you use your computer can help with getting through the 'to do' list quicker and below are just three, of many, useful keyboard shortcuts.

I’ll post more in the coming weeks.

Alt + Tab
Got lots of windows open?  Did you know that you can flick between your open applications without having to reach back for the mouse, just press and hold ALT to the left of the space bar, and then press Tab (above caps lock) once to bring up all your open applications.  You can scroll through each application by pressing TAB.

Windows Key + D
Looking for your desktop but having to minimise loads of applications first?   Simply press and hold the Windows Key (White Flag) and press D.  All your open applications will be minimised taking you back to the desktop.

Windows Key + Arrow  < or Arrow >
Need to see two documents at once?  Choose the first document, press and hold the Windows Key and then press the left arrow key, this will move the application to half the screen on the left.  Do the same with the second document but press the right arrow key instead.

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