Three really useful windows 10 shortcuts

If you're like me, you probably have a 101 things to get done in a day.  Being efficient with how you use your computer can help with getting through the 'to do' list quicker and below are just three, of many, useful keyboard shortcuts.

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Published 13/09/2017 by Rob Williams

CRM systems - should you have one?

In any business, the most valuable asset is argued to be the customer, but in many small businesses we come across, the management of the customer information is poor, often spread across multiple spreadsheets or worst still, on paper. As a business grows and increases it's customer base, and staff numbers, an inefficient system could bring you a whole host of problems.

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Published 04/09/2017 by Rob Williams

How to Check My Website is Mobile Friendly?

If you want to know whether your site is mobile friendly, then luckily enough Google can offer you a free tool to use online in which to check your website. It’s a simple process in which you enter your website address and receive a result back in under a minute with no sign ups or hidden disasters. 

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Published 01/09/2017 by Sam Crockford

Why is outsourcing your IT support a good idea?

Maintaining your own in house IT department can be expensive and complicated which is why so many companies use external third party IT support companies.  

Here are my 5 reasons why using an external IT Support company is a good idea.

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Published 23/08/2017 by Rob Williams

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Google only likes to provide its customers with websites that make their lives easier as they search the web. To help internet users shift through the mass of ever growing content online, Google will now favour websites that display and work well across mobile devices.

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Published 08/08/2017 by Sam Crockford

How to keep your IT support on side

We’ve all been on the receiving end of IT support, yes, even we in IT support have to get support sometimes, and we know how frustrating it can be, but there are things you can do to make it a smoother experience when things go wrong with your laptop or computer. 

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Published 01/08/2017 by Rob Williams